RubyConf Taiwan 2015 Call For Lightning Talk Proposals

We are looking for lightning talks from the attendees/speakers/sponsors of RubyConf Taiwan 2015. ANY TOPICS RELATED Ruby AND/OR RUBYISTS are welcomed!

It must be suitable for making announcement of your excellent product, your awesome community and your great idea worth to spread!

Notes on submission

  1. The lightning talks slot will be held first day(9/11) at Main Hall.
  2. You have exactly 5 minutes to give your talk.
  3. You must have your own ticket to RubyConf Taiwan 2015 to give a talk.
  4. Application DEADLINE: 8/10 23:59:59(GMT+8)
  5. Remember to KEEP A CARBON COPY OF YOUR FORM INPUTS before pressing the “submit” button.
  6. We won’t reimburse your travel expense.
  7. Selection result will be (hopefully) notified until: 8/15

For more info about the Conference:

大家好,我們正在徵求本次大會的 Lightning Talk 閃電秀投稿,我們歡迎任何和 Ruby 相關的主題,不論是你的產品,社群活動或是技術上的想法以及所見所聞。


  1. 閃電秀將會在大會第一天的結束之前舉行
  2. 你必需已經完成大會的報名並完成購票程序
  3. 你「只有」五分鐘
  4. 中文英文皆可
  5. 投稿截止日:8/10 晚上11:59
  6. 投稿結果通知:8/15
中研院人文社會科學館 國際會議廳 / 台北市南港區研究院路二段128號

Event Tickets

Ticket Type Sale Period Price

~ 2015/09/12 18:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
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